We Provide Custom-Built Boiler Room Fabrication

Hamilton Boiler Works specializes in the fabrication of custom-built Sea-Can Boiler Rooms, built to each customers’ individual needs and preferences.

The Custom-Built Sea-Can Boiler Room has the following features:

  • Customized to suit your requirements
  • Pre-assembled
  • Sea-Can is an enclosed container
  • Skid mounted package design
  • Fuel can be natural gas, No.2 fuel oil, propane, electric or wood pellet
  • Steam 15psi up to 300 psi
  • Hot water 30 psi up to 100 psi
  • Electric up to 75 horsepower
  • Low water content boilers

FINANCING AVAILABLE – Up to 60 months!

For custom-built boiler room inquiries, please contact Steve Vogel at extension 25, E-mail:

Hamilton Boiler Works portable boiler rentals available while your unit is being built.

Custom-Built Boiler Room Benefits

  • Lower cost – at any time the boiler and/or equipment can be easily upgraded
  • Eliminates need to make building and/or boiler room alterations
  • Downtown for production and/or heating is reduced
  • Steam can be brought closer to process equipment
  • Fully portable
  • Each unit is pre-plumbed and pre-wired for permanent or temporary installation
  • Easily transported
  • Shop tested and inspected for optimal performance.
  • Units are inspected and certified by the TSSA and ESA
  • Frees up space in plants for other uses
  • Compact in that the entire boiler plant, water treatment equipment, and system controls are mounted inside
  • Easily installed, serviced and maintained
  • Safely and securily designed and configured
  • Unites provide space for maintaining log books, water chemistry tresting, etc. and are design for the comfort of boiler operators
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Hamilton Boilers Works and our qualified staff have several years experience with the Sea Can Boiler Room.